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Joseph Francois Beaulieu, s/o Joseph Beaulieu and Marie Josette Ouellet, was b.August 15, 1754 RO, m.November 11, 1782 RO to Marie Louise Roy-Lauzier (she b.1762). Their children were:

1-Joseph Francois Beaulieu, b.September 01, 1783:

2-Charles Beaulieu, b.August 17, 1786, m.October 28, 1811 RO to Marie Modeste Dumais (she b.1791, d/o Vincent Dumais and Marie Modeste Langlais-Serrien). Follow link to view this family.

3-Marie Louise Beaulieu, b.September 17, 1788 RO:

4-Pierre Frederic Beaulieu, b.February 16, 1792 RO:

5-Antoine Beaulieu, b.July 07, 1795, m.January 22, 1822 at St. Roch des Aulnaies, L'Islet Co., Quebec to Scholastique Dube (she b.Abt. 1800). Their children were Georges Beaulieu, b.Aft. January 1822, m.August 09, 1853 at St. Roch de Quebec, Quebec City to Marie Raymond. Their child Honore Beaulieu (1857) m.October 26, 1881 at St. Roch de Quebec to Louise Lavoie (1862). Their child Arehelas Beaulieu was b.1880; and Narcisse Beaulieu, b.1833 Kamouraska, m.February 13, 1855 St. Andre Kamouraska to Angele Bouchard (she b.1830, d/o Alexandre Bouchard and Angele Parent). Their children, all born Temiscouata Co., Quebec, were Virginie Beaulieu (1858); Jeanne Beaulieu (1860); Claudia Beaulieu (1861); Pantaleon Beaulieu (1867); Emile Beaulieu (1868); Melanie Beaulieu (1870); Eliphas Beaulieu (1875):

6-Paul Henri Beaulieu, b.1796, m.February 20, 1821 to Marie Josephte Charron (1801). Their daughter Marie Beaulieu, b.1822, m.August 30, 1842 to Alexis Frederic Rossignol (1817):

7-Andre Beaulieu, b.June 06, 1800:

8-Angelique Flore Beaulieu, b.Abt 1803:

9-Lucie Beaulieu, b.Abt 1805:

10-Marie Louise Beaulieu, b.1805, m.August 22, 1825 to Hilaire Tardif (1800). Their child Cleophie Tardif (1835), m.November 07, 1854 to Louis Beaulieu (he b.1831, s/o Jean Remi Beaulieu and Marie Flavie Landry). Their children were:

1-Bruno Beaulieu, b.1856, m.1st October 26, 1875 to Emilie Michaud, m.2nd February 29, 1892 to Emilie Migneault. Follow link to see this family:
2-Achille Beaulieu (1858);
3-Catherine Beaulieu (1862);
4-Georges Beaulieu, b.1864, m.September 30, 1884 to Marie Sara Paradis:
5-Marie Rosida Beaulieu (1865):
6-Amanda Beaulieu, b.1862, m.November 22, 1887 to Jean Baptiste Lavoie (1862). Their children were Alphonse Lavoie, b.1888, m.February 09, 1909 to Marie Dorilda Michaud (1889); Louis Lavoie, b.1912, m.June 30, 1937 to Lucienne Bouchard (1917):
7-Danilda Beaulieu (1871):
8-Charles Beaulieu (1875):
9-Emilie Beaulieu (1877).

11-Pierre Luc Beaulieu, b.June 03, 1806, m.February 01, 1819 at Kamouraska, Kamouraska Co., Quebec to Marie Antoinette Chouinard. Their children were:

1-Remi Beaulieu, b.Aft. February 1819, m.Marie Labrie:
2-Marie Luce Beaulieu, b.1821, m.July 04, 1841 to Joseph Gagnon (1816):
3-Pierre Beaulieu, b.1823, m.January 12, 1847 St. Denis Kamouraska to Marie Luce Bouchard. Their children were Evariste Beaulieu, m.April 11, 1893 to Philomene Berube; Joseph Beaulieu; Melina Geraldine Beaulieu; Napoleon Beaulieu:
4-Christine Beaulieu, b.1826, m.Joseph Bouchard (1827):
5-Henri Beaulieu, b.1829, m.February 07, 1854 to Marie Denise Mignault-Labrie (1834):
6-Arthemise Beaulieu, b.1834 Kamouraska, Kamouraska Co., Quebec, m.1st July 14, 1863 to Charles Bruno Beaulieu (he b.1838, d.Bef. 1881, s/o Joseph Beaulieu and Angelique Gagnon). Arthemise m.2nd October 12, 1885 to Jean Baptiste Beaulieu (he b.January 18, 1842, s/o Joseph Beaulieu and Angelique Gagnon). Follow the link to view this family.
7-Victorienne Beaulieu, b.1842 Kamouraska, Kamouraska Co., m. January 08, 1872 to Leon Caron (1845). Their children were Joseph Caron (1873); David Caron (1874); Anne Caron (1876); Laura Caron (1878); Leon Caron (1879); Adele Caron (1880).
Information regarding Victorienne Beaulieu and Leon Caron:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Roch, L'Islet, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375827, NA Film Number C-13191, District 43, Sub-district E,
Division 1, Page Number 32, Household Number 160:
Leon Caron M Male French 36 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Victorienne Caron M Female French 39 Quebec Catholique
Joseph Caron Male French 8 Quebec Catholique
David Caron Male French 7 Quebec Catholique
Anne Caron Female French 5 Quebec Catholique
Laura Caron Male French 3 Quebec Catholique
Leon Caron Male French 2 Quebec Catholique
Adele Caron Female French <1 Born: Dec; 5/12 Quebec Catholique
Justine Richard Female French 18 Quebec Domestique Catholique


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