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Francois Gregoire Beaulieu, s/o Joseph Beaulieu and Marie Josette Ouellet was b.March 12, 1768 RO, m.October 05, 1790 RO to Francoise Gagnon (she b.1770, d/o Joseph Gagnon and Marie Madeline Beaulieu). Their children were:

1-Francois Beaulieu, b.January 19, 1792 RO, m.November 20, 1815 RO to Marie Louise Bouchard (she b.August 02, 1802 RO, d/o Joseph Bouchard and Marie Louise Lizotte). Their children were:

1-Constance Beaulieu, b.1819 St. Basile, Madawaska Co., New Brunswick CAN:
2-Emelie Beaulieu, b.1821 RO:
3-Marguerite Beaulieu, b.1821, m.January 11, 1841 to Augustin Boucher-Morency (he b.1816):
4-Mary Priscille Beaulieu, b.January 20, 1821 St. Basile, Madawaska Co., NB:
5-Francois Beaulieu, b.1823, m.February 11, 1842 to Angele Levesque (she b.1822). Their children were:

1-Jeremie Beaulieu, b.1843, m.September 18, 1866 to Domitilde Ouellet (she b.1846). Their children were Adelphine Beaulieu, b.March 02, 1877, m.January 05, 1919 to Charles Bouchard (1875); Emerilda Beaulieu, b.1882, m.April 22, 1912 to Eugene Cazes 91867):
2-Elisabeth Beaulieu, b.1856, m.April 16, 1888 to Joseph Courcy (1846):
3-Amable Beaulieu, b.1860, m.January 07, 1885 St. Anne de la Pocatiere to Delphine Lagace (1865):
4-Octavie Beaulieu, b.1868, m.November 08, 1891 to Leonce St. Pierre (1866).

6-Clemence Beaulieu, b.1824, m.June 15, 1841 St. Basile, Madawaska Co., NB to Marie Louise Lavoie (1821):
7-Sara Beaulieu, b.1824 St. Basile, Madawaska Co., NB, m.January 16, 1844 St. Basile, Madawaska Co., NB to Charles Abraham Bouchard (he b.December 25, 1819 RO, d.March 31, 1899 Kankakee Co., Illinois). Their child Mary Bouchard was b.September 1853 St. Anne, Kankakee Co., Illinois, d.October 03, 1924 Denver, Denver Co., Colorado, buried Fairview Cemetery, Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma. She married July 15, 1873 Kankakee Co., Illinois to Joseph J. Coyer (he b.April 22, 1853 Ontario, CAN, d.October 13, 1945 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, buried Prague, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma). Their son Elmer Frank Coyer was b.April 20, 1884 Moundridge, Mcpherson Co., Kansas, d.June 30, 1969 Denver, Colorado, buried Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Colorado):
8-Veronique Beaulieu, b.December 11, 1826, m.November 17, 1845 to Antoine Beaulieu (he b.September 13, 1823, s/o Antoine Beaulieu and Julie Levesque). Their children were Arthemise Beaulieu, b.1853, m.August 07, 1876 (he b.1852). Their child Hermas Soucy was b.1890 QUE, m.July 13, 1915 to Marie Desneiges Beaulieu (she b.1895 QUE, d/o Augustin Beaulieu and Claudia Pelletier).

2-Marie Charlotte Beaulieu, b.April 25, 1793 RO, m.February 08, 1813 RO to Charles Felix Berube (he b.1788).

3-Pierre Francois Beaulieu, October 14, 1794 RO:

4-Louis Beaulieu, b.1795 RO, m.August 01, 1831 to Cecile Cote (she b.1796). Their children were:

1-Louis Georges Beaulieu, b.1834, m.October 25, 1859 to Severine Rioux (1839). Their children were:

1-Marie Claudia Beaulieu, b.1862, m.August 12, 1879 to Joseph Phileas D'Amours (1858). Their child Joseph D'Amours was b.1880 Trois Pistoles, Temiscouata Co., Quebec.
Information regarding Marie Claudia Beaulieu and Joseph Phileas D'Amours:
1881 Federal Census, Trois-Pistoles, Temiscouata, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41, Sub-district N, Division 1, Page Number 18, Household Number 85:
Phileas D'Amour M Male French 23 Q <Quebec> Cultivateur Catholique
Claudia D'Amour  M Female French 19 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Joseph D'Amour  Male French <1 Born: Sep; 7/12 Q <Quebec> Catholique
Dominique Beaulieu Male French 14 Q <Quebec> Journalier Catholique  

2-Dominique Beaulieu, b.1867, see census above:

2-Adele Beaulieu, b.1840, m.January 16, 1866 to Francois Henri Boucher (he b.1839). Their children were Arthur Boucher (1867); Marie Boucher (1868); Adele Boucher (1870);  Ernest Boucher (1871); Alphonse Boucher (1873); Louis Boucher (1874); Leontine Boucher (1876); Cecile Boucher (1879).
Information regarding Adele Beaulieu and Francois Henri Boucher:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Jean-de-Dieu, Temiscouata, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41
Sub-district P, Page Number 11, Household Number 42:
Francois Boucher M Male French 42 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Adele Boucher M Female French 41 Quebec Catholique
Arthur Boucher Male French 14 Quebec Catholique
Marie Boucher Female French 13 Quebec Catholique
Adele Boucher Female French 11 Quebec Catholique
Ernest Boucher Male French 10 Quebec Catholique
Alphonse Boucher Male French 8 Quebec Catholique
Louis Boucher Male French 7 Quebec Catholique
Leontine Boucher Female French 5 Quebec Catholique
Cecile Boucher Female French 2 Quebec Catholique

5-Ambroise Beaulieu, b.January 23, 1796 RO, m.August 06, 1821 RO to Marie Charlotte Bouchard (she b.1804 RO, d/o Joseph Bouchard and Marie Louise Lizotte). Follow the link for this family:

6-Louis Charles Beaulieu, b.August 25, 1797 RO:

7-Paul Henri Beaulieu, b.January 21, 1799 RO:

8-Julie Beaulieu, b.May 27, 1800 RO, m.January 07, 1822 to Jean Francois Jean (1797). Their children were:

1-Hyacinthe Jean, b.1823, d.Bef. June 1888, m.November 26, 1846 to Henriette Plourde (she b.July 04, 1827):
2-Domitilde Jean, b.1828, m.August 01, 1848 to Romauld Beaulieu (1829):
3-Marie Onesime Jean, b.1839, m.January 07, 1868 to Pierre Plourde (1826):
4-Louis Jean, b.1842, m.June 01, 1867 to Georgiana Plourde (1848):
5-Jean Baptiste Jean, b.1844, d.Bef. May 1873, m.September 07, 1868 to Marie Boucher (1850).

9-Marie Beaulieu, b.August 08, 1801 RO:

10-Marie Anastasia Beaulieu, b.February 03, 1803 RO:

11-Marie Emerentienne Beaulieu, b.November 08, 1805 RO, m.January 07, 1829 to Olivier Sirois (1802). He was married previously to Angele Levesque:

12-Maximin Beaulieu, b.July 07, 1808 RO, m.July 30, 1838 St. Andre Kamouraska to Celeste Paradis (she b.1818, d.Bef. March 1851, d/o Isaac Paradis and Judith Lavoie). Their children were:

1-Isaac Beaulieu, b.1846 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.September 01, 1868 Trois Pistoles, Temiscouata Co., Quebec to Exite Gagnon-Belzile (she b.1847). Their children, all born Temiscouata Co., were:

1-Philippe Beaulieu, b.Aft. September 1868 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.August 11, 1903 Trois Rivieres to Marie Carrier:
2-Hortense Beaulieu, b.1875 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.October 15, 1895 to Alphonse Beaulieu (1871):
3-Henedine Beaulieu, b.1877 St. Andre Kamouraska:

2-Marcel Beaulieu, b,1847 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.February 14, 1870 Trois Pistoles to Malvina Sirois-Duplessis (1851):
3-Adele Beaulieu, b.1839 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.March 08, 1859 to Pierre Ferdinand Anctil-St. Jean (1834):
4-Celestine Beaulieu, b.1841 St. Andre Kamouraska, m.July 20, 1869 to Eusebe Sirois (1844). Their children were Helen Sirois (1870); Elise Sirois (1871); Marie Sirois (1873); Celestine Sirois (1875); Odile Sirois (1876).
Information regarding Celestine Beaulieu and Eusebe Sirois:
1881 Federal Census, Ste-Jean-de-Dieu, Temiscouata, Quebec, Family History Library Film 1375826, NA Film Number C-13190, District 41, Sub-district P, Page Number 36, Household Number 148:
Eusebe Sirois M Male French 37 Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Celestine Sirois M Female French 40 Quebec Catholique
Helene Sirois Female French 11 Quebec Catholique
Elise Sirois Female French 10 Quebec Catholique
Marie Sirois Female French 8 Quebec Catholique
Celestine Sirois Female French 6 Quebec Catholique
Odile Sirois Female French 5 Quebec Catholique
Henry Howard Male English 11 Angleterre Catholique

Information regarding Maximin Beaulieu:
Genealogy Acadian and French Canadian Style; Pierre Hudon\Beaulieu Descendants: website
Repertoire des Mariages de Saint-Andre de Kamouraska, 1791 - 1968, by Armand Proulx, Villa St-Jean. C.P. 636, La Pocatiere (Kamouraska), PQ CAN - Library of Parliament, Canada (copied Mar 2 1972)

13-Marie Marguerite Beaulieu, b.January 29, 1812 RO:

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