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Jean Bernard Beaulieu, s/o Jean Baptiste Beaulieu and Marie Angelique Gagnon, was b.1715 RO, m.March 01, 1745 to Marie Angelique Saucier (she b.May 28, 1722 St. Anne de la Pocatiere, d/o Charles Saucier and Marie Francoise Lebel. Marie Angelique m.2nd May 13, 1725 St. Anne de la Pocatiere to Pierre Martin (he b.1703). Children of Jean Bernard Beaulieu and Marie Angelique Saucier were:

1-Ambroise Maurile Beaulieu, b.Aft March 01, 1745 RO:

2-Jean Moise Beaulieu, b.February 26, 1746 RO, m.February 26, 1770 to Marie Anne Barbeau (she b.1754 St. Anne de la Pocatiere). Follow the link to view this family:

3-Jean Benoni Beaulieu, b.September 25, 1747 RO, m.October 25, 1773 St. Anne de la Pocatiere to Marie Josette  Pellerin-Potvin (she b.1753 St. Anne de la Pocatiere). Follow the link to view this family:

4-Ambroise Maurice Beaulieu, b.March 24, 1750

5-Marie Judith Beaulieu, b.July 13, 1752

6-Henri Aristobule Beaulieu, b.July 02, 1754

7-Marie Perpetue Beaulieu, b.March 24, 1757

8-Jean Aristobule Beaulieu, b.October 21, 1759

9-Jean Vincent Beaulieu, b.May 22, 1764

10-Jean Zacharie Beaulieu, b.May 22, 1764

11-Benjamin Beaulieu, b.October 12, 1766

12-Moise Beaulieu, b.1770


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