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Our Gandyra Ancestors

Our farthest reaching known Gandyra ancestor is Woytek Gandyra, who was born about 1773 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland. He married Anna Halama, who was born about 1777 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland. Likely their children were also born in Poland. One known child was:

Matheas Gandyra, born September 04, 1799, in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland, and died May 02, 1854, at a place yet unknown. He married first to Hedwig Lyga, who was born about 1804 in Schalkowitz, Opole, Poland, and died in 1841. Their children were:

1-Urban Gandyra, born 1828 in Schlakowitz, Opole Poland:

2-Stillborn Gandyra, born August 18, 1831, in Schlakowitz, Opole Poland:

3-Lucia Gandyra, born 1832 in Opole, Poland, died 1834 in Opole, Poland:

4-Christina Gandyra, born March 10, 1835, in Opole, Poland:

5-Francisca Gandyra, born 1837 in Opole, Poland:

6-Johann Von Nepomui Gandyra, born May 16, 1840,  in Opole, Poland, died July 26, 1841, in Opole, Poland:

The second wife of Matheas Gandyra was Agnes Ledwolorz, born February 03, 1819, in Chroscutz, Schlesien, Prussia, and died October 26, 1890. The couple married on September 26, 1841, at Chroscutz, Opole, Poland, and had the following children:

7-Vincent Gandyra, born February 20, 1844, in Chroscutz, Opole Poland, died February 6, 1845, in Chroscutz, Opole Poland:

8-Elisabeth Gandyra, born November 14, 1845, in Chroscutz, Opole Poland, died May 5, 1898:

9-Susana Gandyra, born August 6, 1847, in Schlakowitz, Opole Poland, died 1899 in Otter Tail Co., Minnesota , buried Perham Cemetery, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota. She married Andreas Palubicki (he born 19 Nov 1837, in Ugoszcz, Pomerania Prussia, died 19 May 1914, at Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota, buried Perham Cemetery, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota). Follow the link to view family and descendants of Susana (Gandyra) and Andreas Palubicki:

10-Petrus Gandyra, born 1849, died 1850:

11-Blasius Gandyra, born 1851, died 1934, married Maria Woychik and had the following children: Elizabeth (born 1880, died 1956, married Andrew Giemza (he born 1875, died 1937). Their child was Pelagia Giemza  (1906 – 1974), married Vincent Pyka (1895 – 1944); Peter (b.1882); Vincent (b.1886); John (b.1889, d.1944); Nicolas (b.1891, d.1958); Andrew (b.1893); Gertrude (b.1898). Follow the link to view this family in detail:

12-Regina Gandyra, born 1853, died 1854:

13-Rosalie Gandyra, born August 24, 1842, in Chroscutz, Opole, Poland, died in 1888, at North Creek, Trempeleau County, Wisconsin. She married our ancestor Mathias Killian (spelled Kilian, follow the link to view family genealogy of Mathias and Rosalie (Gandyra) Killian) who married about 1864, likely in Poland, and had the following children: Johan; Peter Jacob (b.May 19, 1866, in Warsaw, Poland, d.May 30, 1928, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He married on August 05, 1890, in Arcadia, Trempeleau Co., Wisconsin, to Barbara Mary Lisowski, daughter of Jacob Lisowski and Mary Pipa. Barbara was b.December 04, 1869, in Carnonz, Schlesien, Prussia, and d.April 24, 1924, at Rochester, Minnesota. She was laid to rest in Weyburn, Saskatchewan; Hedwig (b.about 1868 in Poland); Elizabeth (b. about. 1872 in North Creek); Joseph (b.about. 1873 in North Creek, d.March 07, 1877, in same); Rochus (b.August 04, 1876, in North Creek): Maria Katherine (b.1878 in North Creek, d.1960, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She married John Henry Benning (b.1873 at Waumandee, Trempeleau Co., Wisconsin, and d.1954 at Weyburn, Saskatchewan); Catherine (b.November 06, 1879, in North Creek); Julia (b.May 20, 1881, in North Creek); Adalbertus (b.April 03, 1883, in North Creek, d.1950 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. He married Mary Karsch, who was b.Germany and d.March 09, 1972, in Weyburn); Franciscus (b.December 03, 1884, in North Creek, d.February 17, 1889, in same).