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to our BOUCHER family site

At this site you will find Bob's Boucher ancestors, beginning with Marin Boucher. Our ancestral line was through his wife Perinne Malet. I will not be cross-linking between individual pages. In order to follow family lines visitors will have to use the links below. In time I will add family trees so it will be easier to discern which children are in which families.

I used the following legend in order to avoid a lot of repetition of some very long place names. Hopefully visitors will find it easy to follow.

Beau.=Beaupre, Charlavoix Co., P.Q., CAN: C-Fil=C-Fillion, P.Q., CAN: C.R.=Chateau-Richer, Montmorency Co., P.Q., CAN: FRA=France: Kam=Kamouraska, Kamouraska County, P.Q., CAN: Montreal=Montreal, P.Q., CAN: N.D.Q.= Notre-Dame-Quebec, Quebec City, P.Q., CAN: Pt-Trem=Pointe-Trembles, Montreal, P.Q., CAN: Que=Quebec City, P.Q., CAN: R.O.=Riviere-Ouelle, Kamouraska County, P.Q., CAN: Sill.=Sillery, Quebec City, P.Q., CAN: St-Aug.=St-Augustin, P.Q., CAN: St. Lan.=St-Langis, Mortagne, Perche, Orne, FRA: St-Nic.=St-Nicolas, Lotbiniere County, P.Q., CAN: Ste-Anne= Ste-Anne-Pocatiere, P.Q., CAN: Ste-Fam=Ste-Famille, Isle d'Orleans, P.Q., CAN.

Meet the kinfolk:

Generation #1
Family of
Marin Boucher and Juliane Baril, and family of Marin Boucher and Perinne Malet
Has a list of some of the books I referenced.

Generation #2
Francois Boucher and Florence Gareman
Jean Galleran Boucher and Marie Leclerc
Francoise Boucher and Jean Plante
Pierre Boucher and Marie Anne St-Denis
Magdelene Boucher and Louis Houde
Guillaume Boucher and Marguerite Jeanne Thibault

Generation #3
Pierre Boucher and Helene Gaudry
Charles Boucher and Marguerite Agnes Pelletier
Denis Boucher and Marie Jeanne Miville
Pierre Boucher and Marie Anne Michaud
Philippe Boucher and Marie Anne Mignier
Francois-Galleran Boucher and Jeanne Gaudreau
Francois Plante and Mary Louisa Berard, and Francois Plante and Mary Ann Coignac
Pierre Boucher and Francoise Thiboutot, and Pierre Boucher and Marie Madeline Dancosse
Jean Boucher and Angelique Guay
Marie-Angelique Boucher and Louis Dube
Stephen Houde and Elisabeth Ursula Denevers
Barbe Boucher and Georges St. Louis-Cadoret

Miscellaneous Boucher Information:

Translations of book written by Archange Godbout. Please keep in mind that this is my pathetic attempt at French, although I do feel it is quite accurate. If, however, you do find very obvious mistakes, please let me know so that I can make any necessary changes.

View my Family Photos Index where you will see photos of various ancestors.

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